Audio: How to Live when the Heat's Turned Up

How to Live when the Heat's Turned Up

Preaching from Daniel 3:14-19, today at FWC, Bishop Tim Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God preaches on the fiery furnace a believer can find themselves in. For the three Hebrew boys who wouldn't bow to King Nebuchadnezzar, the heat in the furnace was turned seven times hotter. The King wanted to change their belief system and have them bow to idols. Brother Hill says this is the idolatress spirit we see in our world today. He asks the believer, will you bow, as this culture tries to cancel everything the Christian stands for in the Word of God? He reminds us how Job and David responded when the fire was turned up in their lives. We must stand boldly on the Word of God and remain convinced and confident that our God is able to bring us out of any dire situation. Remember there were four men seen in the fire; God is with us, and He is sovereign. Believer, we must stay worshipful in the worst that life throws our way, and rest in our resolve that when the heat turns up, we know Jesus is with us and we will not bow.

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How to Live when the Heat's Turned Up

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