Jihad vs Religious Liberty

Jihad v. Religious Liberty

Guilty of atrocious crimes against humanity. (Crusades in the past, Sudan in the present) Guilty of atrocious crimes against humanity. (Crusades in the past, none in the present)
Based in their scriptures. (Surah 9:5; 9:29) Christian Scriptures teach peace (Matt. 5). During Crusades, the Catholic Christians adopted Islamic doctrine and jihad.
Since conversion of state to Islam comes via the sword, Church and State should be combined. Since Evangelical Christians hold to a Believers’ Church, Church and State should remain separate.
Membership into Islamic faith from birth. The father speaks the Creed into his child’s ear. Membership into the Christian body is voluntary and personal. The person must make a profession of faith when reaching the age of understanding.
Examples of jihad include Sudan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, etc. Some states believe in religious toleration (Turkey, Jordan), but NONE believe in complete religious liberty! No modern examples outside of Ireland. Yet this is not an accurate example. Here, Catholics are fighting Protestants, but they are not attempting to increase the kingdom of God outside their borders!
In Europe and America (considered Christian by many Muslims), Muslims are allowed to worship freely, build mosques, and share their faith. Where Christians are a minority, they are limited in their freedoms. They cannot worship openly, denominations cannot give an education, etc. Tragically, millions have given their lives for the faith.
React according to what others believe. They are commanded to remove false worship wherever it is found. React according to what they themselves believe (Proverbs 3:5-6). Removal of false worship comes by a change of heart.
Infidels have no right to exist (Hadith 9:57) Infidels should be protected in order to give them every opportunity to accept the Gospel. (2 Peter 3:9)
If they act according to what their scriptures say, violence and force is commanded. If they act according to what their Scriptures say, peace is commanded.



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