About Us

About Us

Our calling:

Our End time Ministry started in 1998 as a community radio station broadcasting on FM.

We are an independent end time ministry (our covering is the calling on our lives by Yahushua Himself).

We are dedicated to the Scriptures as the only revelation of YHWH and His Son, Yahushua our Messiah. We believe that Israel is the chosen of YHWH. (The Church has not replaced Israel and we are not British Israelites.)

Much attention is devoted to the fulfillment of biblical prophecies.

As a discernment ministry we are intent on making a clear distinction between true and false interpretations of Scripture.

Our main objective is to glorify Yahushua our Messiah. When He is exalted He will draw people unto Himself.

How do we deliver our message:

The ministry is dedicated to search and research news and biblical info to bring you insight and better understanding of Scripture.

Our Ministry provides a unique and comprehensive service designed to arouse your curiosity to study Scripture yourself and inform and prepare you for things to come.

This important information and insight are provided in five ways:

  • Selected Audio messages, updated weekly.
  • Keeping you informed on the latest breaking news, especially around the Middle East.
  • Articles from various authors on relevant topics.
  • Charts and Maps to visually broaden your Biblical knowledge.
  • And lastly photographs. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

You are involved:

Through your comments you add a valuable contribution in our quest to find truth.

The most exciting aspect of our ministry is that through our teaching process, we learn that prophecy is being fulfilled to the letter in the current daily news.

We endeavor to inform you backed on knowledge and fact and not by fear.

We do not believe there is a conspiracy behind every bush, nor do we teach violence in any situation.

We believe that we are in the timeframe of the end of the age.

Scripture teaches that Messiah will come for His Bride before the seven year Tribulation starts, coming back with His Bride after the tribulation to set up His Kingdom for a thousand years.

We believe this time is close at hand. Israel is returning to her land and all other prophecies are coming to pass rapidly.

As we are Donor based, you contribute financially to keep this essential Ministry going.

We are member of The Association of Christian Broadcasters (ACB), as well as with some International organizations like Bridges for Peace and Ebenhaezer. 

Our Invitation to you:

Allow our website to become one of the most important end time resources in your daily life.

The Longtom Radio Team.






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2 Corinthians 9:6-7

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