Israel's Prophetic Calendar

Israel's Prophetic Calendar

Prophecies ALREADY Fulfilled:

  • Israel`s enslavement in Egypt....  Gen 15:13
  • Supernatural deliverance from bondage..... Gen 15:14
  • Israel`s Inheritance and Possesion of Prommised land.....Gen 15:18-20
  • Israel would fall into Idolatry in the Land.    Deut 32:15-21
  • Place of Worship would be established in Jerusalem......Deut 12:5-6
  • Northern Kingdom to be taken into captivity by Assyria....Amos 5:27, also Amos 7:17
  • Southern Kingdom would be taken into Babylonian captivity....Jer 16:13, also Jer 21:10
  • First Temple Destruction..... 2 Chron 7:19-22
  • Return of a small remnant from Babylon.....Is 6:11-13, also Is 48:20
  • Second Temple Destruction.... Matt 24:2, also Luk 19:43-44
  • Israel to be scattered amoung all nations.... Lev 26:33-34, also Ezek 12:15
  • Persecution and oppression during this time....Lev 26:36-39

Prophecies BEING Fulfilled Right Now:

  • The Re Gathering of Israel back to her land...Is 11:11-12, also Zech 10:9-10
  • All Nations will stand and hold council against Israel and Jerusalem...Zec 12:2-3, also Zech 14:1-2

Prophecies still to be fulfilled in future:

  • Supernatural Revelation of Who the True Messiah is to the Jews....Zech 12:10-14
  • Messiah "Ben David" the King returns in Glory..... Zech 14:3-5


75% Prophecies ALREADY Fulfilled

12,5% is NOW Being Fulfilled

12,5% STILL To Be Fulfilled




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