Global Warming or Global Governance?

Global Warming or Global Governance?

By Jan Markell

Did you know that The New York Times says that those who deny climate change commit treason against the planet? Imagine, disputing the unproven science of man-made global warming makes us a criminal. They further state we are immoral, irresponsible, and ignorant to not heed all the warnings. The paper goes on to stretch credulity by saying radical Islam is not near the threat that global warming is. So, unproven man-made global warming is a bigger danger than a crowd of radicals who want to cut off our heads!!

Why are so many people snowed by this? Simply because we hear about it in the news daily and our left-leaning mainstream media overdoes it. The Al Gores of the world get a lot of media attention and hype. Gore has presented an "inconvenient truth" that is really a lie. So there, I've said it. Those of us residing here in Minnesota often secretly wish he was right.

Speaking of Al Gore, let's also discuss "Cap-and-Trade," which is a monumental tax on all energy. It really should be called "Cap-and-Traitor." If it becomes law, it will provide every American with a new interior decorator -- Al Gore. It will force all of us to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade our homes and businesses with new items of energy efficiency. Homebuilders will have to re-do all of the homes they currently have on the market to bring their energy efficiency levels up by 30 percent. Small businesses will be excluded from competing for contracts. So much for economic stimulus for the little guy!
The real agenda of the global warming crowd is global government. Gore himself recently said that only "globalism" will solve the global warming dilemma. Pollution knows no borders so let's have no borders, just one unified world.

All of this hype is not to be ignored. "Cap-and-Traitor" will bankrupt many businesses. Unemployment and inflation will skyrocket. Yet this has become the new global religion, and the backers speak in apocalyptic tones as though the world will come to an end if we don't act -- and now. To them, it's almost the end of the world as we know it if we don't take this seriously.

One of the best Web sites to monitor the madness is Marc Morano's Climate Depot. Marc was my radio guest last weekend, July 18. Check out his site and the program. I consider his information more accurate than what is being peddled by the so-called Evangelical Environmental Network, a group made up of the "religious Left" and "evangelical Left." 

What the mainstream media might not report are some headlines found last week on Morano's site: 1) New Yorker's ask, "Where art thou, summer?"; 2) Threatened birds declining due to heavy snowfalls: Numbers decline by 80-90%; 3) Calgary temps sagging below average since November '08 through July; 4) Pittsburgh set to break 1888 cold temp record; 5) Temp hits 27 degrees in June north of Minneapolis/St. Paul; 6) Nashville's record cold breaks 1877 record; 7) Historic winter storm in South America.

We don't have a heat wave, we have a cooling wave!  Yet the "climate change" zealots tell us is that a one or two degree temperature change over the course of 100 years is going to produce a cataclysmic result. This won't stop the current administration from taking more of your wealth and freedom because this scheme is not about saving you from higher temperatures. It's about empowering themselves at your expense.

What is the true Christian response? The Bible commands us to care for God's creation.  The Bible references weather frequently and the last one given at the time of Noah was 100% accurate! God has created this world and has plans for it in the present and the future, but no media spin or political rhetoric can undermine the Word of God or alter our Creator's plans.
Many conservative Christian leaders have a real problem with including global warming as an evangelical issue. They ask, "Is this a part of the great commission?" We would acknowledge that man has been given dominion over the earth, and we are to be good stewards and good caretakers! But the source of our ecological problem is in man's fallen nature because he has set himself at the center of the universe.





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