His Hallowed Name Revealed Again

His Hallowed Name Revealed Again

During Keith Johnson and Nehemia Gordon's 2010 tour in South Africa I receive a copy of Keith's latest book "His Hallowed Name Revealed Again" as gift from Keith. After reading the book I now realize that this is not another ordinary gift or just another Christian book that will end up on the book case. Throughout reading this book action is involved: Moving around on you chair as you are moved beyond you comfort zone; standing to ponder on what you just read; stretching of your brain muscle as your views are challenged a bit. As you continue to read you begin to understand this call to action, a passing of a flame if you will. To clarify let us take one step back as I give a little background to the book.

During the past few years Nehemiah Gordon and Keith Johnson has been working on the Hebrew version of the Lord's Prayer which finally lead to their book "A Prayer to our Father". On this journey they discovered that the most important phrase in the prayer "Hallowed be Thy Name" is not just a passive proclamation that the name of God be hallowed but an action that the name be sanctified on our part, as highlighted in Hebrew version - "May your name be sanctified".

The question now arise what is the name that needs to be sanctified? The name "God"? Is "God" actually a name? Is there a specific name by which God chose to reveal Himself to man? The answer to this fundamental question was revealed to Moses more that 3,000 years ago. This wonderful descriptive name was sung, praised, proclaimed and prayed by all who revered our Heavenly Father for well over 1,000 years. This precious name has however been hidden to many the last few centuries.

In this book "His Hallowed Name Revealed Again" Keith shares his journey to rediscover this name and how the zeal of restoring our Heavenly Fathers name was set ablaze in him. Throughout this journey you will be challenged as you own wick is trimmed and prepared. By the end of the journey you will find your wick set alight not by the passion of Keith but by the heart of our Heavenly Father as He desires a more intimate relationship with us through His name.

This book is highly recommended by Longtom Radio and to obtain a copy of the book please visit Biblical Foundations Academy or e-mail Keith at keith@aprayertoourfather.com

P.S We request that our South-African visitors please note in their communiqué with Keith their nationality as a number of books will be made available to our South-African readers.



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