The Woman who rides the Beast

The Woman Who Rides The Beast 

The big difference that the Christian dominionists and the secular humanists will encounter in the future is who will run their utopia. The socialists see the human elite running their utopia and Dominion Theology sees their religious elite or anointed leaders running the show. The two kingdoms are not compatible.

Jesus will soon come for his faithful Church and take her out like Enoch. Supernatural events will then take place on earth in the Middle East. At that time, ecumenicalism rooted in Dominion Theology will lead to a world church of religions that will control a world government. In fact, if any dominionist understood prophetic passages in the Bible they could clearly see that this will occur. The picture is given to us in Revelation chapter 17 and the book of Daniel further defines it. John in Revelation sees a harlot woman who rides a Beast world kingdom into power in the last days. The harlot woman is religion uniting on the concept that all religions worship the same God. This of course, is not true. There are two Gods. There is the God of the Bible and there is the counterfeit god called by various descriptions in various world religions. The name the Bible gives the counterfeit god is Lucifer and Satan. The harlot woman in Revelation is riding on the last world gentile kingdom and she obviously controls the Beast for a short period.

In Revelation, John tells us that when the counterfeit god is tossed to the earth and no longer has access to heaven, one of the first things this counterfeit god does is to take control of the Beast. The Beast then turns against and destroys the harlot religious system who rode it into power. The counterfeit god will seek to destroy Israel so that the Jewish kingdom cannot come. He turns against the harlot because many in her still hold unto the testimony of Jesus and will not worship him as God. Thus, the Devil will bring the end of Dominion Theology when the Beast he controls starts a counter-revolution against the ecumenical world church. The counter-revolution will be from the foundations of Islam and Eastern and new age paganism. This counterfeit god will set up his world kingdom from Babylon and name it "Babylon the Great".

The Beast will burn the harlot with fire just as Revelation declares. The harlot that denies the blessed hope of His coming and that was not ready at His coming for the faithful Church has tried to set up Dominion Theology on the earth believing that she will receive the promises of Israel. Her kingdom dream fails when the forces of Antichrist turn against her. If only the woman was not obsessed with social actions, worldly affairs and earthly pleasures.

She wants to sit as a queen over a worldly kingdom even before her marriage to the King. If she had just been watching and waiting in humility like the faithful Church, she could have received the blessed hope instead of the curse of her presumption. She receives persecution from the people she tried to lord over in the world system. Too late, the harlot woman finds out that she and the world system were never compatible! (Mat 24:22).

 The lesson will be very painful and it could have been avoided if she was not satisfying the lusts of the eyes, the lusts of the flesh and the pride of life and was instead walking in faith.

There will be no dominion by the Church on earth until Jesus comes back with his saints to rule and reign for a thousand years. This will be the only "Kingdom Now" reality.





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