Israel can only lose once

Israel can only lose once

Golda Meir astutely summed up Israel's precarious position in the Middle East, "The Muslims can fight and lose, then come back and fight again. But Israel can only lose once." 

Israel's present liberal government is learning the hard way that their situation is even more precarious than Golda's maxim.

When Israel fought Iranian-Syrian backed Hezbollah in Lebanon last year and failed to win decisively, they placed Israel into escalating danger.

They are now learning that Israel must not only win, but also achieve absolute victory. You see, in the Muslim mind, because Hezbollah managed to fight for over a month before Israeli leaders mustered enough reserves and resolve to fight them to a draw, they achieved a colossal victory.

Of course, the U.N., as usual, stepped in to save them before the IDF really destroyed them. Nevertheless, they believe that Israel has lost the will to fight and that a suicidal guerrilla force can defeat the vaunted Israeli tanks, air force and technical superiority.

Israel's past experience in their numerous wars with the Arab armies taught one thing clearly - that Israel not only has to win decisively, but also has to do it quickly. They have to win before the Muslim's use the liberal media to turn world opinion against them and the UN comes to save the Muslim armies' glutomus maximi.

Ehud Olmert's indecisiveness, the ineptness of a politically appointed general and failure to immediately go all out to defeat Hezbollah has inspired the entire Muslim world to believe now is the time to attack and destroy Israel.

The IDF paid a heavy price for Israeli "appeasers" giving back southern Lebanon in the hope of peace. The country is also paying heavily for the Muslim mentality created by unilaterally giving over Gaza to Palestinians who had never kept one part of the "Road to Peace" agreements.

Muslim radicals, more than any enemy we have yet faced, view every act of appeasement as a weakness.

We should learn from the words of Winston Churchill. After England's liberal government capitulated to Adolf Hitler at Munich in 1938, Churchill prophetically warned the British people, "This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year. ..." His words are even truer today.

No concession to Iran's Mad mullahs, no overtures of peace to the terror masters in Damascus and Tehran, no appeasement of Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad will ever be enough to bring peace.

These things only spur them to bolder demands. Their holiest book, the Quran, spells out their methods of deception and attack. So how can any Western leader not be charged with criminal negligence?

After the disastrous response of the free world to the criminal taking of British seamen hostage, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has issued even more outrageous threats to the West. In the words of Gary Bauer summing up Ahmadinejad's threats, '"If the West continues to object to its [Iran's] march toward an Islamic bomb, Iran will be forced to withdraw from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.' In other words, emboldened by our weakness, Iran now implicitly threatens to transfer its nuclear technology to al-Qaida."

The cup it offers us is bitter indeed!

Bible prophecy about the events of the "last days" before Christ's return clearly predict that countries and peoples that are now Muslim will start the last war of the world in alliance with Russia.

As I have written many times before, today's Middle East events are fitting exactly into Ezekiel's predictions recorded in chapters 36 through 39. The "Ezekiel Factor" begins with a miraculous return of Israelites from a long world dispersion; then an even more miraculous rebirth of its nation against impossible odds; then immediate and escalating hostile responses by all of its surrounding neighbors (which are all Muslim today); and finally an all-out attack against Israel by a Persian-led Muslim confederacy, aided by Russia. Hey, it is like a script that was written 2,600 years ago. And in the end, Israel will turn in true faith to her Messiah, Who will deliver her. However, it will be a bit shocking when she finds out His name.

One final observation - if anyone wants proof of the Bible's supernatural origin, Ezekiel's prophecies' present a convincing case.



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